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The right kind of food and thought process can lift the quality of your life. I give a lot of importance to the food off your plate as much as on your plate.

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"We believe that nutrition does not have to be difficult or confusing, nor should you feel restricted in your food choices"


Passion for Helping People Live Healthier Through Optimal Nutrition

We genuinely want to promote health, not just healthy and not simply get you over with the symptoms of uneasiness in your body using supplements. Sure, you can lose weight with any FAD diet too, or bulk up with mass gainers that markets are flooding with, but you must understand that its not sustainable, the calorie deficit plans or marketing gimmicks won’t last in the long run.

So, we aim to not  just give you some diets but actually try to build habits in you and we all know habits aren’t formed in a day or a week. 

So when you are signing up with us please know that you are in for some transformation at a deeper level not just your appearance.

Expert Nutrition Guidance and Coaching

I believe that nutrition is the path to holistic health. Correct nutrition can work on all aspects of our health.

Personalized Nutrition Plans

Personalized Nutrition Plans

Meal Planning and Prep

Meal Planning and Prep

Weight Management

Weight Management

Health Condition Management

Health Condition Management

Client Success Stories Inspiring Results

To the most amazing nutritionist you can ever have.. I always feared having a nutritionist because it was about staying hungry, not having food i like but Pragati changed that forever. She was so patient and understanding with me. Listening to my body my routine and making plan accordingly. What i loved the most is that it was not about just telling you to eat a certain food certain way but explaining the process behind it. Now i know the basics for food to an extent that i can create my own diet. With so much problems going on related to gut and solving them without even single supplement hats off to you.. Rise and shine always.. Thankyou and lots of blessings for helping me achieve this.. Love ❤️

    Jharna Bansal


    Personalized Nutrition for Optimal Health and Wellness

    Weight management plan is curated as per individual needs, and the body type .

    With this one, we help you reach your ideal weight. There are many factors affecting your health leading to weight fluctuations , we need to figure out the root cause and simply aim to fix it with natural foods and other holistic techniques .

    Nutrition Plans That Work for You

    Basic Plan

    ₹15,999/ 3 months

    Immune Support, Weight Management, Hormonal Balance


    Pro Plan

    ₹19,999/ 3 months

    Immune Support, Weight management, Hormonal Balance

    Advanced Plan

    ₹24,999/ 3 months

    Immune Support, Weight Management, Hormonal Balance

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